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Our Staff

Owner/Piercer Shorty  (He/Him)

 Shorty has been a professional body piercer in Palm Beach County since 1999.  His devotion to providing the best possible body piercing experience lead him to become the first South Florida member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP).


He is a regular attendee to the Annual APP Conference and Expo, as well as the Camp APP Members Retreat where he stays current on industry standards and techniques.


Shorty regularly organizes outreach meetings for other local Florida piercers and as a member of FEHA is also a consultant to the Florida Department of Health, with regard to to the body piercing industry. 


He is an avid fresh and salt water fisherman and jumps at any chance he has to get out on the pier or beach. In his free time he also enjoys playing Pickleball, shooting sports and spending time with his family (not exactly in that order). 

Shop Manager "Sunny" Rae (They/She/He)

Since November 2021, Rae is very often the first person clients will encounter when they call or enter the shop. Their sunny disposition hopes to help foster a comfortable space for anyone who crosses paths with our studio. Rae reveres the creative aspects of the piercing industry, such as fine jewelry design and the way artistic intuition intersects with the technical aspects of piercing. 


In their downtime Rae is a jack-of-all-trades creative who enjoys writing, drawing, photography & modeling, and fronting in a 90’s psychedelic inspired indie rock band. 

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