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Hi! Do you accept walk-ins? I wanted to take my daughter to get her ear pierced.

So for lobes on children we block off an hour and a half to give us, you and them enough time to fill out paperwork, choose jewelry, ask any questions and get up the courage to get the piercings and to actually do the piercings.  We pretty much never even have 20 minutes in between appointments never mind an hour and a half to squeeze in a walk-in.  We stay extremely busy usually working from one appointment to the next.  Occasionally we have cancellations or reschedules so I recommend you periodically check our website for an open appointment that works with your schedule.

Something to also consider, piercings should not be submerged in any bodies of water (pool, lake, ocean, etc) for at least 3 months.  So if your daughter plans on swimming anytime in the next 3 months I strongly encourage waiting until summer is over to get them done.

If you do choose to allow her to get them done please also review the state requirements for piercing minors in the Under 18? section of our website.